Recording a site over time

One of the first things I wanted to do when arriving at the Cairns site, just after it had been uncovered, was to record as much as I could for photogrammetry in the early phases of the excavation season. There were two reasons for this, the first was to make sure that the photographs taken were of adequate quality, that I was taking shots in the correct positions and that camera settings were all correctly prepared for site recording. If the software didn’t work with my photographs, I could iron out any problems early on. The second reason was so that I could get models of the site before excavation started, then as the season progressed, I could create other models of the same areas to compare with the models created earlier, thus building up a record of the excavation season and the changes to the site over time. The model below is of Trench M at The Cairns, just after it had been uncovered for the 2017 season. The gaps in the trench model are caused by an unavoidable problem with the photogrammetry software..the bugbear of any digital archaeologist attempting photogrammetry.. water ! Anything reflective causes problems when making models, but I’ll save that for another blog !

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